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Step 1 Install Citrix Receiver accept all defaults click ok or next then finish, nothing will happen after install, then continue to Step 2

Citrix Receiver Setup

Step 2 Install TS Print accept all defaults click ok or next then finish, nothing will happen after install, then continue to Step 3

TS Print Setup

Step 3 Click on this link using Internet Explorer and right click the screen anywhere and then left click creat shortcut, “create a shortcut to the desk top” click yes. There will be an Icon on your desk top for Citrix Login. Once you go to log a couple of box will pop up and ask permission, put a check in the little box nest to “do not ask me again” and then click yes.


Step 4 when you go to print in tenmast and the printer box pops up, make sure that “tsprint default” is selected and the print job will print to your default printer.

Step 5 To access your email away from your office click on the following link and put in your email address and password, make sure you signout of your email when you are finished. You can create a short cut on the desk top by following the same steps you followed to create a Citrix Icon.

HACL Email Access


Receiver Cleanup Utility

How Too’s


To change the permissions on Microsoft Outlook for pictures to show in your email:
step 1: Open Outlook
Step 2: Click on file
Step 3: Click on Options
Step 4: Click on Trust Center
Step 5: Click on Trust Center Setting
Step 6: Click on the top box to uncheck Don’t Download Pictures
Step 7: Click OK all the way out.


To save your documents to the server
Step 1: Click File
Step 2: Click Save or Save as
Step 3: Click Browse
Step 4: On the left side of the box that pops up click This PC
Step 5: You may have to scroll then Double Click the “H:\” Folder
Step 6: Choose which folder you want to save the document in then click save
Step 7: Or click new folder and name folder then hit enter
Step 8: Double click folder and then save


To open your documents on the server
Option 1:
Step 1: Open Office
Step 2: Click Open Other Documents on the left
Step 3: Click Browse
Step 4: Click This PC on the left
Step 5: Double Click “H:\” Folder
Step 6: Find File and double click
Option 2:
Double click “Your Name” Documents on the Desktop and find file and double click it.


If you have any problems with the above information or instructions pleases call or text Art Rooks at 910-258-1943